BSUPA Level 1 SUP Instructor – Ready To Ride

10th & 11th June 2019 - £225

2 day course designed for new instructors to watersports to teach the BSUPA Level 1 Course.

Cost – £225 includes manuals and certificates

Instructor Candidate Pre requisites:

  • Current member of BSUPA
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 (Inland only option available if Powerboat certificate is not required)
  • Minimum age 18
  • Valid First Aid qualification
  • Riding ability, competent on a range of boards – be able to demo-short paddle strokes, step back and reverse paddle turns- board 360s body 360s foot and paddle steering, basics push turns and paddle boarding in reverse
  • Minimum 40 hours SUP experience before course
  • Shadow teaching will be required before certificates are issued
  • Students without any previous water sports teaching experience or qualifications will be required to ghost qualified BSUPA instructors before certificates are issued.
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BSUPA Level 2 - SUP Surf Instructor

12th &13th June 2019 - £225

Two day Instructor course that allows a the instructor to teach –

Ready to Surf/ Born to Surf. This includes a senior instructor element to do with managing a BSUPA school and other instructors and is required in each BSUPA registered school .

Instructor pre requisites

  • 100 Hours as a level 1 instructor
  • BSUPA Level 1 Instructor Certificate;
  • Minimum age 18 Only
  • Riding ability, competent on a range of board sizes
  • Current member of BSUPA.
  • Ability to ride head high waves and switch direction on green wave with confidence and display clear use of paddle in connecting turns
  • Good level of fitness
  • Knowledge of surf rights of way
  • A solid understanding of surf locations /conditions /rips

Course Content

You need to be a competent SUP rider and experienced BSUPA Level 1 Instructor. On this course you also need to be able to ride clean waves left and right in waist to head high conditions and execute a basic top  and bottom turn. The Level 2 Surf SUP instructor will be able to deliver both the adult and youth schemes. This course is very much about location and understanding safety in surf, surf etiquette, rips and finding the perfect spot for soft, waist-high waves near a shallow shelving beach. We look very closely at session location, safety, group control and developing a good technique for getting out, finding a wave and first basic ride.

The course is both practical and theoretical, we look at management of a BSUPA school and documents SOP, EAP, AALS, Risk Assessments, safety management, safety planning as well as the specific equipment, conditions and technique needed to deliver the Level 2 courses .

We have a exam paddle test and will expect Instructors to deliver some talks and coaching sessions. A BSUPA level 2 Instructor will required in every BSUPA registered school .

There are a 8 places on each courses, please either email or call if interested, alternatively you can book online                                 +44 (0) 7563 763 046