Kitesurf, Buggy, SUP & Landboard Equipment Hire

So you’ve completed a kite lesson either with us or at another school but don’t yet want to commit to purchasing your own kit or perhaps are on holiday in the South East near Camber or Greatstone? Equipment hire is an economic and easy way to go get you out on the water. We offer the hire of kitesurfing , kite buggy, SUP and kite landboarding equipment – everything you need is included.

Available is all the latest 2019 equipment from beginner to advanced and a full range of sizes to suit any conditions.

To hire kitesurfing equipment you must be able to explain and demonstrate to our instructors that you meet the required standards. You can view the form with the requirements here. If you do not meet these standards, you will need to take an independence lesson or lessons until you do. Once you have completed this the form will be added to your rider hire profile and you will be able to hire from then on.

We also offer insurance for accidental equipment damage for £10 per day

Please bring a recognised form of ID and bank card when hiring

We cannot hire Kitesurf equipment when it is above 30mph, please check the forecast and live wind here

It is advised to call or email and reserve equipment if you’re looking to hire at the weekends as we do get very busy or online here

Equipment Hire Prices:

We believe to be the most competitive in the UK…

Courses Cost Per Hour Cost Per Day
Full kitesurf equipment hire – inc wetsuit, harness & buoyancy aid £25 £70
Kitesurfing kite hire £18 £50
Kitesurf board hire £10 £30
Surfboard hire £10 £30
Wetsuit / harness hire £10  £10
Full kite landboard/buggy equipment hire £15  £45
Power/trainer kite hire £10 £30
Buggy/Landboard hire £10 £30
Stand up paddle board hire – inc wetsuit & buoyancy aid £15 £45