The next big thing in kitesurfing!

Course Duration: 2/3 hours (We recommended taking a 3 hour lesson if it is your first time hydrofoiling!)

Price: £150 for 2 hours, £225 for 3 hours

If you're an experienced kitesurfer looking for the next new thing to try, hydrofoiling could be the answer. Make the most of the lighter wind days and experience an all new thrill as you glide along above the water on the smoothest ride of your life. A perfect introduction to the newest form of kitesurfing!



Hydrofoiling is the newest craze captivating kitesurfers around the world, and we're lucky to have an instructor that's great at it! New for 2019 he's agreed to run private tutor sessions to share his knowledge and get more people into hydrofoiling.

With a complete set up included in the price of the lesson, you'll have everything you need to start this new adventure.

We're not disguising that this is difficult and we only advise taking a lesson if you have a minimum of 1 years kitesurfing experience and have at least tried riding a directional board before (even if unsuccessfully). It's very different to riding a twin tip and does require more 'kite finesse' and balance to master it. Be prepared to crash a lot before getting the hang of it!

It is very rewarding though and if you've found that you're no longer improving at regular kitesurfing or have hit a bit of a plateau, this is a fantastic way to renew the enthusiasm and begin the learning again.

To book, contact us at or call us on 07563 763046