1 Day Beginner Kitesurfing Lesson

Course duration - 5 hours + tuition time (total course time ≈ 6 hours +)

Cost - £99 / £119 (w/e) - everything included + post course handout pack + BKSA Certificate

Kitesurfing is the combination of kite flying skills and board control. Initially learning to control the kites is the most important factor, this is covered in the one day course whilst being safe, 90% practical and brilliant fun. It's the perfect introduction to the sport.

This kitesurfing lesson is an ideal birthday or Christmas present in the form of a  kitesurfing Gift Voucher

Watch the video below for a brief insight as to what the day covers


1 Day Course Outline

  • Introductions with site assessment
  • Fundamentals of kitesurfing - wind, sea conditions & equipment
  • Beach Power kite / trainer kite flying
  • Static flying exercises
  • LEI* (water kite) assembly
  • Safe kite launch / land techniques + pre flight checks
  • Flying of LEI’s using harnesses
  • Controlled Body dragging - the really fun part!
  • Emergency pack down / Self rescue techniques
  • Debrief and hand outs

*Leading Edge Inflatable’ - these are the kites we use for kitesurfing in the water

Kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport if not learnt and taught properly. For this reason we spend the first part (around 20 minutes) of the lesson covering the fundamentals of kitesurfing in the classroom and on the beach so you fully understand the sport and have a safe and highly enjoyable kitesurfing lesson.

With the essentials covered, onto the fun part – kite flying!

Part 1

Power Kiting: After briefly setting up some power / training kites, we give a short demonstration and explanation, then allow you to fly them under our instruction. Starting with small kites so you can learn how to fly them without the fear of being out of control. The session will cover flying techniques that will be used throughout the whole course. All of the kites we use have certified safety systems which instantly stop the power of the kite when activated.

Equipment set up: We proceed after a short break with the assembly of the water kites (LEIs) including demonstrations, individual practice and tuning advice.

Before entering the water it is important to understand how to launch and land the LEI kites safely and activating the safety systems. A demonstration of controlled launching and landing will offer the opportunity to comprehend the skill and practice throughout the course will help you learn.

flying the kite using the control bar
Into wetsuits
Body dragging

Part 2

Into wetsuits: Before getting in the water, we kit you out with wetsuits, harnesses, buoyancy aids and helmets, all of which are included in the lesson price. Using our onsite changing rooms you can get changed out of the elements.

Body Dragging in the water - Everybody will get a chance to fly the kite in waist deep water before going any further. Once it has become a little more natural to fly, we can move onto body dragging which is awesome fun!

Body dragging consists of using the kite to drag you through the water in different directions. There will be a MAXIMUM of 4 students per instructor and usually you will be working with one kite between two. Please note that the water part of the lesson will only be taught if the conditions are safe and if all students have reached a competent level of kite flying. Camber has kiteable conditions on 95% of the season days. In the event that the water part cannot be taught, students will learn other important practices including beach flying, equipment tuning and safety procedures. These are all things kiters will need to know before renting and kiting independently so it is great to learn them early on!

Part 3

Self Rescue - Towards the end of the lesson a demonstration of an 'emergency packdown' will show how to self rescue in difficult situations. We run through example scenarios explaining ways to get back to land safely or be picked up by the rescue services. Being a vital part of the course, individual practices will follow.

The course concludes with debriefs and hand out packs including BKSA certification within the comfort of our centre.

This is just the beginning but we highly recommend taking further lessons on the two or three day course to complete the body dragging exercises, become really proficient with the kite and move onto the board. Although the one day course covers a lot of information and is a great fun, adventurous experience, you will not cover enough to learn the sport and continue on your own. Our 1 day course is a little longer in duration than most schools but there is a lot to fit in and we can't honestly see how it could be taught safely in full in a shorter period of time.

Take a read through a blog written by one of our new staff members that took the 1 day kitesurfing course. Her blog explains in detail what to expect and what is covered in the lesson.

What you need to bring with you: Sensible sturdy pair of shoes, towel, swimming costume, suncream, sunglasses, and warm clothes / jacket as it's almost always windy and can be cool.

kitesurf self rescue



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