Board Control Lessons

Duration - 5 hours tuition time

Price - £99 - all equipment included


If you have previously taken introductory kitesurfing lessons, such as a two or three day BKSA kitesurf course but would like to really master the board start, improve your technique and become fully independent, then this is the course for you.

Things You'll Learn...

Accomplishing the water start: It's no secret that getting up onto the board is the hardest part about learning to kitesurf. Just like on a bicycle, once you're moving it's easy, but it's getting to that point of movement initially. This course is completely dedicated to board starts and developing your board and kite skills to advance you into a confident, self-sufficient, knowledgeable, safe and distinguished kitesurfer.

Consistent rides & upwind: The whole course is spent in the water providing plenty of time to crack the board start and move onto continuous riding, with constant power delivery from the kite and edging of the board with the aim of going upwind.

Controlled turns: Once riding in both directions has been achieved, it's time to link it all together and learn how to slide the board around and come back again. Then the ocean is yours to explore....

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Sam riding



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