New for 2019

Our bespoke booking system with an online account so you can book or reschedule lessons and even see messages from your instructors with progress updates and personalised recommendations!

Choose the lesson category, fill out your personal details, select the date and then checkout - nice and simple.

If you are booking a 2,3 or 5 day course, choose the date of the 1st day, book the remaining days once logged in. We recommend booking consecutive days if you can but understand it's not always possible.

Please note that until a payment has been made and you have received a confirmation email, your booking is not confirmed.

Can't find the date you want?

We run courses almost every day between March and November, but if you're unable to find the date you'd like to book please contact us as we can usually put one on for you.

If you experience any problems with the booking system or have any questions, please get in touch on or 07563 763 046.