Kitesurfing at Camber Sands

The Kitesurf Centre runs kite surfing courses and kiteboarding lessons every day from Camber Sands beach allowing us to be very flexible as to when you may want to partake your kitesurf lesson.

We have several kitesurf instructors and a huge amount of kitesurfing equipment for both hire and kitesurfing courses, allowing us to run your kite surf lesson at any time and date with the correct equipment for the conditions, unlike many kitesurf schools.

We also offer power kiting, landboarding / mountain boarding lessons, kitesurfing equipment hire and repairs, making our kite surf school unique to the area.

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Kitesurfing at Camber Sands

Kitesurf School & Kiteboarding Courses at Camber Sands

It is no secret that Camber Sands is the best beach for kitesurfing in the South East of England and therefore little surprise that we chose this for our kitesurfing school.

Camber Sands beach boasts ideal conditions for kitesurfing courses; sandy, shallow shelving with flat water lagoons. During the summer months the water temperature reaches around 18-20 degrees which is similar to a public swimming pool. So with our thick high quality wetsuits, you will not feel cold. We also provide windstopper jackets, boots, gloves and hoods should the weather deem it necessary.

Even though Camber is a large open expanse of a beach, we still only have a maximum of 4 students to 1 instructor, but usually less. We aim to provide the highest quality tuition through our kitesurf school with dedicated instruction and our success rate proves this. Please see our feedback blog for past students comments and reviews.

We pride ourselves on our kitesurfing instructors for their experience, quality and service to our customers – they’ve been teaching kiteboarding lessons and courses from both Camber Sands and Greatstone beaches for many years and know the locations and local conditions better than anyone. This helps to make your kite lessons as enjoyable, safe and productive as possible.

All our instructors are local to the area surrounding Camber Sands in the south east of England so can take you to those ‘secret locations’ where the conditions are at their best or to avoid the crowds.


Zones for kiters, kitesurfing  courses and kite boarding lessons at Camber Sands

Camber Sands has dedicated zones for kiters. They are permitted to use the eastern end of the beach from the chequered flag to the MOD base towards Dungeness, which is marked with a hut and red flag. This is around 1 mile of open beach. Power kite flyers can use all of the beach (3 miles). Our kitesurf school runs kitesurfing lessons at the eastern end of Camber Sands in a dedicated teaching zone. This is out the way of the crowds, swimmers and beach users. We operate the kite landboard / mountain boarding and power kiting at the western end of the kiting zone.

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For more information about kite surfing courses and kiteboarding lessons, contact our school at Camber Sands from the details below

We are more than happy to help with any enquiry you have regarding kitesurfing or the use of Camber Sands beach.

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